360 Compostable Dog Poop Bags (ON SALE )

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ZOLA ZOLA Extra Strong Compostable Dog Poop Bags (360 bags) – Extra Strong & Thick, Leak-Proof, Compostable Pet Waste Bags. Suitable for Dogs, Cats, & Puppies 


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Are you ready for a barking-good deal that will make your tails wag with excitement? 🐶 Introducing our fabulous offer: 3 boxes of Zola Zola poop bags at a reduced price of $45 + Free shipping, Saving you a barking-good $11.96. It’s a deal that’s “pawsitively” irresistible!

Remember, when it comes to doggy business, we’ve got you covered from “tail to tail”! Order now and join the pack of satisfied customers who enjoy a clean and hassle-free poop-scooping experience. It’s time to make your dog’s “business” our business! 🐾✨

  • 360 Compostable Dog Poop Bags


  • SUPER STRONG: Zola Zola Super Strong Dog Poop Bags are designed to be extra strong and durable, capable of withstanding even the toughest dog waste, reducing the risk of leaks or tears and making them reliable and sturdy dog waste bags for pet owners


  • LEAKPROOF: These dog poop bags are designed with a leak-proof technology that ensures that no liquid or unpleasant smells escape, keeping your hands clean and hygienic while picking up your dog’s waste, making them a reliable and hygienic option for dog & puppy owners and cat owners


  • 100% COMPOSTABLE & BIODEGRADABLE: Zola Zola earth-friendly Dog Poo Bags are made from a plant-based material called corn starch. They break down naturally in the environment, leaving behind no harmful residue or waste, making them an eco-friendly and sustainable option for pet owners who care about the planet


  • EASY TO USE. Zola Zola’s Easy to open and tear dog poop bags feature perforated lines that make them effortless to tear off and open, providing quick and easy access when you need it most, ensuring a hassle-free and smooth experience for when your on the go. These tidy dog bags have never been easier to use!


  • SIZE: No matter how big or small your fur baby is, Zola Zola poo bags are the pawfect size. Each compostable doggy bag measures 9 x 13 inches and is large enough to fit small and big pet waste. No need to double bag!!


Snatch up this barking-good deal with 3 boxes of Zola Zola poop bags, and let the “pawsome” adventures begin! Don’t miss out on the savings, the convenience, and the opportunity to be an eco-friendly pet parent.

Additional information

Weight 42 kg
Unit Count

360 Individual Bags (8 Rolls)




Cornstarch, Biodegradable, Compostable, Plant Based

Bag Size

9×13 Inches / 23x32cm


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