Our mission is simple!!

take care of planet earth and all the animals on it! 

About Us

Animals are pretty awesome right? The love animals show us is second to none!

This unconditional love is what inspired Bianca and Julie to start Zola Zola. Two powerhouse women who are so committed to animals that they started the business whilst working full time leadership roles and even with Bianca being pregnant! They are on a mission and nothing was going to stop them from making it happen.

Bianca’s love for dogs started when she moved to Adelaide, she shared a place with her house mates James (a human) and Hans (a beautiful Rottweiler). She fell in love with Hans and his lovable nature that when she moved out there was a big hole in her life, she missed coming home to see his happy face greeting her (Hans not James haha). This is when she decided to adopt Zola (the company’s namesake) and her life changed forever, as any dog parent knows this is exactly what happens when you find your first fur baby. Though Hans is no longer with us he played a huge part in Bianca’s love story and she hopes Zola Zola pays tribute to his memory.

Julie grew up surrounded by animals, her home was considered a safe haven for types of animals and many rescues would end up at her family’s doorstep. From rabbits, ponies, horses, seven, yes seven goats and even an eagle one time! Julie also grew up with a beautiful dog named Sir who was her best friend for 17 years. When we say Julie loves animals, we aren’t kidding!

Both Bianca and Julie have the passion, they have the drive and they are going to make a difference through Zola Zola. Be sure to come along for the ride – you won’t regret it!

We’ve done our homework and can guarantee our products kick goals to achieve this mission.

Let us tell you how!

Starting with our POOP BAGS

They are 100% biodegradable and compostable! Did you know they are two different things? It’s ok if you don’t not many people do, but don’t worry, we’ve got you! And we’re here to let you know the difference.

Biodegradable means the materials will break down over time but they can still contain all the toxic crap that isn’t good for the environment. To us that just isn’t good enough so we’ve made sure our poop bags are compostable too – meaning there aren’t any traces of anything toxic, not even one. Seriously they’re made from Cornstarch and don’t contain any hidden nasties, but it’s easy for anyone to say that so we’ve gone one step further to show we have the cred.

You know those logos on the package? Well, they aren’t just pretty to look at but they actually mean something. We’re proud to share that we’ve been verified by two big players in the eco-friendly world. TUV Austria and BPI are independent certification bodies who have awarded our poop bags some important certifications to PROVE that we mean business. Here’s what those pretty logos mean:

BPI Compostable:

The Biodegradable Products Institute (BPI) is a pretty big deal in North America, in fact, they are the only third-party verification of ASTM standards for compostable products in the region. To be awarded this certification from them means we’ve got their seal of approval.

TUV Austria:

OK compost home: This beauty guarantees that our poop bags are completely biodegradable and don’t need a lot to do it, in fact, they’ll break down even in your garden compost heap. The great thing about this award is that its not based on a standard, it sets the standard! It details all the technical requirements that a product must meet in order to obtain certification. It has been used and is recognised in Australia and across Europe.

TUV Austria:

Seedling compostable: To be awarded this certification means our poop
bags are in compliance with EN 13432 and are recognized throughout the entire
European market as compostable.


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